Who We Are

We are family & community members who are passionate about solving some of the problems linked with the housing crisis for the mentally ill. ASH’s Iris Place model of living is about community and friendships. Finding friends and your own apartment is difficult for people with serious mental illness. Isolation, loneliness, and feelings of not being part of the community are pervasive. Safe, supportive housing is often impossible to find. Supportive housing for the mentally ill is a problem everywhere. COVID-19 has only exacerbated a systemic problem that was already in crisis!


Our partners help us spread the word that mental illness has many faces. Faces that show kindness, appreciation, talent, humor, and goodness.

We’ve partnered with the Emeritus Professor program, at Dallas College Richland Campus. Emeritus professors volunteer to provide education/socialization activities in the original Iris Place (Iris Place I) community room. Programs are for: education/socialization, healthy living, and fun. One of our founder’s words best describe our program, “Stress and competitiveness are discouraged. Conformity is not stressed, except where it benefits the quality of community living.”

Service Areas & More Info

Our service area is the Dallas metroplex. Our current project is in north Dallas. What separates the Iris Place model is its unique thoughtfulness. Our supportive housing includes therapy, continuing education & socialization classes. All activities are in a relaxed, caring atmosphere. Please call for a tour of the original Iris Place (Iris Place I) & the land where we’re building Iris Place II.


We are looking for those who would stand with us and help us in the creation of Iris Place II.  Your donations will help make this vision a reality. Thank you so much for your consideration and support!



  • Iris Place has made such a great difference in my life. My friends living around me. The programs, classes, and fun at the community center. I hope that you would support the building of Iris Place II. It will make such a big difference!

    Jeanine Hayes
  • Having my own apartment in a supportive community changed my life beyond my dreams.

  • Living here is the best thing that ever happened to me.


Contact Us

For more information about ASH, or whether our housing model might be a good fit for you or your loved one, please contact Carol Fletcher, Executive Director, at 972-807-2166 or cfletcher@ashdallas.org.

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